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Belize Weather
Climate: sub-tropical.
Prevailing wind from
the Caribbean Sea.
Average temperature:
80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Dry season: Nov. - May.
Rainy season: June-Nov.
Rainfall: heaviest in south
and jungle areas, lightest
in north and on the Cayes.
Water Temperature: 79-83
degrees Fahrenheit. is your portal to exciting and exotic Belize travel! In Belize you will dive coral reefs, hike rain forests, explore Mayan ruins, roam romantic islands, swim emerald waters and lounge upon white sand beaches. Looking for a unique eco-adventure? 

 Whether you're a bird watcher, diver, archaeology buff, traveling alone, on honeymoon or in a group, Belize is truly the eco-jewel of the Caribbean Coast of Central America. Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala, and bounded by the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, Belize travel offers a diverse, intriguing mixture of culture, natural history and marine environments. 

Whether your Belize travel takes you through the Mountain Pine Ridge or tropical rain forests, travelers call Belize a Garden of Eden. The warm azure waters of its Caribbean islands and cool tropical breezes welcome the Belize traveler to the biggest of its lush islands, Ambergris Caye. Placencia Peninsula is an excellent setting for a wedding, honeymoon or vacation.  Adventurous visitors may prefer a jungle
retreat in the Belizean rainforest.                                                                 

Forty percent of the country is protected parks and natural preserves with an abundance of jungle and marine wildlife. Belize (formerly British Honduras) is a peaceful nation, with a parliamentary democracy. English is the official language. Two hours flying time from Miami, New Orleans and Houston, exotic Belize is easily accessible to North Americans. Fewer than 330,000 people inhabit this gorgeous country, leaving plenty of room for mother nature. There is a fixed currency exchange rate of $2 Belize dollars for every $1 U.S. The economy of Belize was traditionally based on forestry, mainly the export of logwood, mahogany and chicle. The country's economy is now based on agriculture and eco-tourism.

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